Attendance Policy

Reporting an Absence/Absence Notes

If your child is going to be absent, please report this to school as soon as possible. You can contact us by telephone: 01200 441374 (option 2), a message can be left on the answer machine before 8.15am. Please state clearly your name, the name of the child concerned, your relationship to the child, the reason for the absence, and if possible, their form. Alternatively, parents can contact us with these details HERE. Please contact school every additional morning that your child is absent. If, however you think it is likely that your child is going to be absent for a specific number of days within the same week and are able to provide us with this information in your first phone call or email, we will not require further contact from you. However you must call back on the Monday of any ensuing week of absence. Where there has been no notification of absence we will text parents and also follow up by telephone/letter. If a pupil is absent he/she must produce a note on his/her return even if the absence has been explained by telephone.  Please indicate absence according to the instructions given.

Late procedure for pupils

Pupils arriving late must report to Reception and get a late mark (entered in the Register).  Late pupils must also fill in the late book. If they arrive after 10.30am or 2.30pm then they will need an absence note.

Pupils leaving during the school day

If pupils are required to leave school at some point in the day for an appointment (e.g. medical, external exam) parents must inform school either by telephone, email (, or by letter addressed to the attendance officer.  At the appropriate time, pupils must report to reception, wait to be collected by parents or other responsible persons and then sign out. School should be informed about any known appointment by the start of the school day. For safeguarding reasons parents who just turn up to take their child out of school without prior notification may be delayed in reception.

Requests for Holiday or Extended Leave in Term Time

Please refer to the School Attendance Policy

How to ask

Requests for extended leave of absence should be submitted on the standard application form at least 1 month in advance of the holiday. Forms are available from Mrs Kenyon

Removal from School Roll and Fixed Penalty Notices

Please refer to the Attendance for Learning Policy

Bowland High Awards