Year 7 Curriculum Booklet

School Library

As part of upgrading the Library system, we are now able to use the biometric feature to allow direct access to your child's library account. This is similar to the catering system in school at present.

How does it work?

Just as in the catering system, an image of your child's finger is taken, which is turned into a digital signature and then discarded. This unique image will then be used to log into their individual account - at present only in the Library itself. This ensures that books/media are checked out to the correct child and particularly useful when Student Librarians are manning the desk as identification mistakes are less likely to occur particularly in the case of common names. The system meets the requirements of the Data Protection Act; the information is secure and the system has tangible benefits to end users. Finger imaging is purely voluntary. This system is currently used in many other schools within Lancashire. Student's accounts can still be accessed manually for those not wishing to register. Please advise the Librarian in writing if you do not wish your child to be registered in this way.

Can finger images be used by any other agency?

No, the software we use turns your child's finger image into a mathematical algorithm; the image of the finger is then discarded. The information stored cannot be used to recreate a finger image. We cannot for instance use the information already stored by the catering system and have to scan each individual onto the Library system in person.

What happens when my child leaves the school?

All data is deleted from the system.


Will take place as the students come in to use the library or at the start of the new school year.

If you require further information regarding the library system, please contact Mrs R Donald our school librarian.


Help is available from staff via:

Maths help is run daily at lunch

Homework help within the SEN dept is run daily

ICT suite is open daily at both break and lunch

Regular clubs and activities available to pupils are:

  • Media
  • Design Technology
  • Lets Get Cooking
  • Dance clubs (boys and girls)
  • Dance Academy for gifted and talented
  • Drama club
  • Choir
  • Open mic
  • Band
  • Table Tennis
  • Football
  • Rounder's
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Badminton
  • Rugby

Bowland also offer extra curricular activities and events which include:

  • Instrumental lessons
  • Theatre trips throughout the year
  • London theatre trip
  • Musical theatre production
  • Dance Dynamix
  • Xmas singing and drama celebration
  • Residential trips are available in all years

Please note: clubs and events may change throughout the year.

Example Timetable

Bowland operate a 2 week timetable defined by Week A and Week B. This will mean that pupils will not have the same lessons every week. An example timetable is attached. It is suggested that pupils keep a copy of their timetables in their lockers and homework diaries. Copies of timetables are available from reception if lost.

Bowland High Awards