Religious Education

RE is taught according to the agreed syllabus, and it is taught in every year. The subject is offered at GCSE level. It is taught in a non-denominational manner and the aim is to develop an awareness of faith and an interest in moral issues.

Pupils make a study of contemporary issues such as world poverty, violence, the use of money, prejudice and the family. As a preparation for adult life, pupils are encouraged to develop an understanding, respect and tolerance towards other people.

The Act of Collective Worship

We are a sufficiently small school to meet together at the same time. Assemblies are broadly Christian and non-denominational and are an integral part of the children’s educational experience. They are one way in which we are able to encourage social, spiritual, moral and cultural development. Parents may withdraw their children from all or part of the religious education and collective worship provided. If parents wish to do this they should contact the headteacher who will make alternative arrangements.

Bowland High Awards