Tuesday 28th February 2017

Pupil of the Week - 2017

The week ending 24th February

  • Edward from 7B for making it onto the multi-millionaire podium of success with pride!
  • William from 8L for his effort and determination to succeed in his AR and for having done just that!
  • Dani from 8B for outstanding work in R.E.
  • Beth from 10C & Issie from 10W for organising events for the Argentinean girls and being great ambassadors for Bowland.
  • Sam from 10L for excellent test results.
  • Team of the Week:
  • U16 table tennis – congratulations to the girls for winning and the boys for coming 3rd.
  • Y10 skiers and staff for being great ambassadors for Bowland.

The week ending 10th February

  • Elizabeth from 7B for becoming a tri millionaire.
  • Hattie from 7W for achieving a gold medal in the 100m butterfly stroke. Currently 2nd in the country for her age group.
  • Henry from 7C for excellent contribution and enthusiasm in R.E.
  • Leo from 7C for excellent performance as Form Captain; showing empathy and understanding.
  • Mollie, Meg & Dylan from Year 9 for outstanding participation and the creation of a beautiful poem based on Martin Niemoller.
  • Ben from 9W for organisation and concentrated effort on the School Council this term.
  • Chloe from 10B for excellent progress at the farm.
  • Chris, Oscar & Jacob from Year 10 for outstanding contribution on the Community Challenge Day litter picking in the local villages.
  • Ellie & Chloe from Year 10 for supporting R.E. on Options Evening.
  • Beth from 11W for good citizenship.
  • George from 11B for getting through to the 2nd stage of the Wellbeck application process.
  • James, James & Kian from Year 11 for excellent work in their intensive German controlled assessment.
  • Josh Palmer for securing a work experience placement with The Grand following a very successful community placement.
  • Team of the Week:
  • All pupils that were part of the intensive German controlled assessment.
  • Year 10 pupils that were part of the Community Challenge.

The week ending 3rd February

  • Sam & Katie from 7C for an outstanding performance on Challenge Day.
  • Erin from 8L for becoming our latest splendiferous millionaire.
  • Henry from 8L for an enthusiastic performance on Challenge Day.
  • Lucy from 9L for a fantastic 1st project and super start in GCSE art.
  • Sam from 10W for exemplary commitment towards completing his hospitality coursework.
  • Josh from 11C for getting through to the next phase of the Northcote interview process
  • Freddie from 11C & Callum from 11W for getting through to the 2nd stage of the Arkwright Scholarship process.
  • Team of the Week:
  • U14 & U16 for victorious badminton matches against QEGS – Well Done!

The week ending 27th January

  • Florence, Ginny & Ella from 7L for raising money for charity.
  • Shaban from 10L & Poppy from 10W for an incredible improvement in effort in science.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 10 skiers for exemplary behaviour and progression on the dry ski slopes at Pendle Ski Club.
  • Medical Day Students for exemplary behaviour and representation of the school.

The week ending 20th January

  • Codey from 10L for working hard to achieve the best possible results in GCSE CIDA.
  • Scarlett & Niamh from 7W for a brilliant anti-bullying week assembly.
  • Elizabeth from 7B for amazing manners.
  • Josh from 11C & Georgia from 9W for being outstanding representatives of Bowland at the Future Chef competition.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 7 & 8 swimming team who performed brilliantly at the inter-school competition.
  • All the dance leaders that helped at the KS1 dance competition.

The week ending 13th January

  • Florence from 7L who is now a 4 millionaire reader.
  • Xin Lei from 9B for outstanding effort and content in an R.E. unit assessment.
  • Brendan from 10W for rising to the challenge in his Spanish lesson.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Staff and pupils who took part in the Arts Festival.

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