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Pupil of the Week - 2015

The week ending 18th December

  • Isobel (Year 7) for exceptional effort and dedication towards her Accelerated Reading. Fantastic perseverance!
  • Talhah (Year 7) for team effort in form.
  • Phillip (Year 8) for excellent performance in Assembly.
  • Hannah (Year 8) for outstanding poetry.
  • Brianna (Year 11) for good citizenship.
  • Caitlin (Year 11) for the honours programme at Burnley College.
  • Harriet (Year 11) for being outstanding with the organisation of her Society!

The week ending 11th December

  • Oscar (Year 7) 100% in his maths assessment.
  • Mark (Year 10) huge effort in English.
  • Molly (Year 11) Lancashire Young Farmers Member of the year.
  • Team of the Week:
  • U14 boys and girls badminton team for a great performance in the district competition.
  • Choir & musicians for a fabulous performance at the carol concert.

The week ending 4th December

  • Alex Wood (Year 11) for successfully gaining a contract at PNE.
  • Maddie Broadhurst (Year 10) and Nathaniel Taylor (Year 8) for exceptional honesty.
  • Ella Lancaster (Year 9) for excellence in RE lessons.
  • Gabby Fairbrother Dunn (Year 9) has received an award (certificate and medal) for "special commendation year 8".
  • George Poole (Year 10) received an award for reaching the stage of national finalist Year 9" in an 1WW essay competition.

The week ending 27th November

  • Molly Dakin (Year 11) for her national success in the Young farmers' competition for stock judging.
  • Sabiha Patel (Year 11) for outstanding effort in all subject areas.
  • Maisie Donald and Keela Cross (Year 10) for participation in National Gymnastics Competition.
  • Ella Lancaster (Year 9) for excellent work in German.
  • Charlie Pilling (Year 7) for outstanding effort in Accelerated Reading.

The week ending 20th November

  • Bethany and Tom (Year 7) 1st and 2nd Millionaires of the season.
  • Harry Wilkinson, Matthew Mason, Isabelle Priory, Rebecca Wood, Charlie Weare, Oscar Duck, Ellie Brown, Freya Barnes, Izzy Bank, Phillip Clark, Maisie Donald, Annabel White (Year 9) for entering the Young Writers competition and their writing being selected to be published.
  • Codey Grover (Year 9) for outstanding work in Music.
  • Olivia Atkinson (Year 10) for exceptional effort in Art coursework.
  • MarK Bumbac and Josh Holloway (Year 11) for citizenship.

The week ending 13th November

  • Lucy Armer (Year 11) Charlie Paige (Year 10) for unselfishness and great help at Badminton Club.
  • Issy Masterson (Year 8) for an exceptional piece of writing in the Gothic genre.
  • Josh Root (Year 10) and Iris Lawrenson (Year 9) for outstanding participation in RE Day.

The week ending 6th November

  • Harry Thompson (Year 8) selected for U13 Lancashire rugby.
  • Angel Gara (Year 8) good act of citizenship; opening doors for other pupils whilst it was raining.
  • Chloe Blackburn (Year 9) gained a place in the U15 Lancashire Football Association Player Development Centre at Leyland.
  • Maddie Blackburn (Year 10) gained a place in the U15 Lancashire Football Association Player Development Centre at Leyland.
  • Brianna Culver & Ophelia White (Year 11) selected for the English National Ballet performance of 'Giselle'.
  • Theo Thomson (Year 11) has been offered an apprenticeship scholarship at 'Oliver's.
  • Team of the Week:
  • The Auditionees for Bowland's Got Talent.

The week ending 16th October

  • Charlie Paige and George Poole (Year 10) for being excellent ambassadors for Bowland on the Battlefields trip.
  • Erin Lancaster (Year 7) act of kindness in RE.
  • Lucy Robinson (Year 8) effort in class in PA.
  • Xin Lei Guo (Year 8) for helping AY translating.
  • Ellie Kenyon (Year 10) for the RIPEN trip.
  • Josh Root (Year 10) general good egg, helping to tidy the catering room in his own time.
  • Team of the Week:
  • GSCE RE Group (Year 9) met the bishop.
  • Rugby (Year 8) still unbeaten.
  • Netball (Year 10) got to the 4th round in the Hyndburn & Ribble Valley tournament.

The week ending 9th October

  • Ruby Whipp & Emily Ingham (Year 8) for volunteering to help and being so wonderful on open evening in History.
  • Chris (Year 9) and Connor Moore (Year 11) for participation in Irish Indoor Ski Championships.
  • John Broadley (Year 9) and Tulia Emmanuel (Year 11) for achieving their adult black belts in karate.
  • Meg Goring (Year 11) for being selected as a the Guest of Honour at the Rotary Catering Competition.
  • Neve Dickinson and Freya Humberstone (Year 11) & Joshua Wilson (Year 8) for musical contribution to Opening Event.

The week ending 2nd October

  • Jess Yates and Anna Johnson (Year 9) have both been selected to play netball for Lancashire.
  • Oscar Duck (Year 10) selected for Lancashire Rugby.
  • Lucy Simkin (Year 11) for good citizenship.
  • Rebecca Pilling (Year 11) for consistent and excellent effort in catering.

The week ending 25th September

  • Amy Edmondson (Year 9) selected to play football for Lancashire
  • Britney Skinner (Year 9) for an excellent effort in Spanish.
  • Hannah Wilkinson & Emma Taylor (Year 11) for attempting to train female staff netball.

The week ending 18th September

  • Hughie Wilson (Year 7) For being calm in an emergency.
  • Chloe Blackburn (Year 9) For representing Lancashire in the football team.
  • Dominic Jones (Year 9) For progression and effort in Spanish.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Mr Olstowski's form 8W have already raised £75 for Starlight.
  • Tractor Trio: Chloe Limbert, Milo Hirst & Joe Prew

The week ending 11th September

  • Kate Bamford (Year 10) for gaining a Grade A in RE unit assessment
  • Tom Parkinson (Year 11) for exceptional performance in physics

The week ending 4th September

  • Bradley Schofield (Year 8) for excellence in MFL
  • Maddie Taylor and Maddie Grimshaw (Year 11) for good citizenship
  • Harry Masterson (Year 11) for service to the school

The week ending 10th July

  • Amy Stazicker (Year 7) for exceptional effort in accelerated reading.
  • Annabel White (Year 8) for her performance in P.A. above and beyond expectations.
  • Harry Masterson (Year 10) outstanding mark in History mock exam.

The week ending 3rd July

  • Josh Forth and Matt Furbush (Year 10) for outstanding performances in Inter School Sports.
  • Patric Garstang (Year 9) for outstanding performances in Inter School Sports.
  • Ophelia White (Year 10) for exceptional citizenship on way home from school.
  • William (Year 7) for reaching 4 million words
  • Khadijah Mahmood and Jack Hughes (Year 7) for reaching their first millions.

The week ending 26th June

  • Harry, Mia and Philip (Year 7) for becoming millionaire readers.
  • Katie (Year 8) for becoming a millionaire reader.
  • Phoebe Moore (Year 8) for being a good citizen to another pupil over a sustained period of time.

The week ending 19th June

  • Jacob (Year 8) for becoming a millionaire reader for the first time.
  • Sara (Year 8) for becoming a millionaire reader.
  • Rhys and Ellie (Year 7) for becoming a millionaire readers.
  • Angel Gara (Year 7) for completing all of the Lexia programme.
  • Sean Grover (Year 10) for giving up lots of his free time to assist Mrs Robertson with wall displays.

The week ending 12th June

  • Ella and Megan (Year 7) for becoming the 28th & 29th millionaires
  • Matthew Meadows (Year 7) for exceptional representation of the school
  • Georgia (Year 7) has made it to 30th millionaire
  • Isabelle (Year 7) has become our 5th multi-millionaire
  • Reuben (Year 8) for becoming our 26th millionaire reader
  • Oscar (Year 8) for becoming 4th multi millionaire
  • Gaby Farebrother-Dunn (Year 8) for producing an inspirational piece on a local hero in history
  • Beth Rose (Year 8) for excellent work in German
  • Rose (Year 9) for becoming 27th millionaire
  • Emma Thompson (Year 10) for exceptional performance in her physics ISA

The week ending 5th June

  • Philip (Year 8) and Amy (Year 7) for becoming Millionaire Readers
  • Sophie Read (Year 10) for excellent results in a science test

The week ending 24th May

  • Rebecca Simmonds (Year 7) for achieving all Grade 5s on her Tracker Report
  • Sarah Sharp (Year 8) for outstanding work in RE
  • Oscar Duck (Year 8) for Best result in UK Maths Challenge
  • Ethan Bury (Year 9) for fantastic effort in catering
  • Lorna Sowerbutts and Susanne Garth-Jones (Year 11) for outstanding scores in GCSE Dance Practical

The week ending 15th May

  • Georgia Wilson (Year 7) great work in German
  • Rebecca Wood (Year 8) for outstanding effort in RE
  • Hannah Wood (Year 9) for becoming a millionaire reader
  • George Stuart (Year 9) real effort to improve the result in his ICT controlled assessment
  • Ellie Pearson (Year 9) for absolute effort and determination in catering
  • Emily Crane and Adam Clark (Year 11) for representing the school to its credit at The Mayoral Reception
  • Beth Hartley (Year 11) for completion of every available Spanish reading paper!

The week ending 1st May

  • Hannah Wood (Year 9) for becoming the 23rd Millionaire.
  • Maddie Fallon (Year 7) for outstanding effort in German.
  • James Waller (Year 11) for continued assistance with sports club at lunchtime.
  • Matthew Furbush (Year 10) for excellent service to younger Bowland pupils in their own time by officiating at Badminton final.
  • Bradley Drinkall (Year 10) for excellent service to younger Bowland pupils in their own time by officiating at Badminton final.
  • Callum Birtwell-Jones (Year 10) for excellent service to younger Bowland pupils in their own time by officiating at Badminton final.

The week ending 24th April

  • Sophie Joyce (Year 8) for achieving 80/81 in her Science exam.
  • Billy Harper (Year 11) for persistence in achieving his career plan of joining the Army.

The week ending 17th April

  • Millionaire readers: Lauren, Rebecca, Beth, Lucy, Emily, Katie, Ben and Ashleigh (Years 7 & 8).
  • Charlie Paige (Year 9) for outstanding individual research for Battlefields Trip.
  • Matthew Furbush (Year 10) delivered a lamb in Countryside and Environment – the only pupil in the group prepared to have a try. Well done to Matt, it survived the experience!
  • Kate Bamford (Year 10) for attaining a Grade A in her Science ISA.

The week ending 27th March

  • Jamie Birtwell-Jones (Year 8) for fantastic effort with Accelerated Reading.
  • Chloe Pickering (Year 8) for most inquisitive minds on Bioenergy Trip.
  • Anna Johnson (Year 8) for most inquisitive minds on Bioenergy Trip.
  • Rebecca Pilling (Year 10) for excellent assistance with Y8 Bake Off.
  • Georgina Pope (Year 10) for excellent assistance with Y8 Bake Off.
  • Ophelia White (Year 10) for winning Best Swimmer Award.
  • Nata'Lha De Santana Hardman (Year 8) designed winning trophies for Johnson Matthey
  • Mateusz Skowron (Year 8) for becoming a millionaire reader

The week ending 20th March

  • Meg Goring (Year 10) participation in Rotary Regional Cook of Year Final.
  • Courtney Stanton (Year 11) honesty and good citizenship.
  • Hannah Hargreaves (Year 7) for outstanding effort with English extended learning.

The week ending 27th February

  • Isabelle Masterson (Year 7) best piece of work demonstrating explanation and analysis that has ever been seen in RE!
  • Helen West (Year 8) for her persistence and determination to become a millionaire reader.
  • Alice Schofield (Year 10) for producing an excellent board game to revise 'Of Mice and Men'.
  • Connor Moore (Year 10) for outstanding good citizenship on school ski trip.

The week ending 13th February

  • Daniel Scott (Year 7) for great work in challenging MFL lesson.
  • Sam Blackett (Year 8) and Faith Thompson (Year 7) for becoming millionaires.
  • Isabelle Priory (Year 8) 3rd in County Table Tennis Tournament.
  • Chloe Limbert (Year 8) for great improvement at Friday Farm.
  • Georgina Grayson (Year 9) for achieving Grade A in the Hair and Beauty mock exam.
  • Bronte Leeming (Year 10) for achieving Grade A in the Hair and Beauty mock exam.

The week ending 6th February

  • Xin Lei Guo (Year 7) for exceptional art work in RE!
  • Beth Rose (Year 8) for an amazing performance in German.
  • Josh Root, Millie Fisher and Sally Pinder (Year 9) for exceptional work in Expressive Arts.

The week ending 23rd January

  • Joe Richardson & Hugo Snowden (Year 7) for very good work in Food.
  • Bailey Eastwood, Ben Taylor & Luke Spencer (Year 8) good citizenship.
  • Anna Johnson (Year 8) excellent Jack Ripper project in history.
  • Ben MacKenzie (Year 8) Excellent Maths & English.
  • Milo Hirst (Year 9) for excellent work in ICT.
  • Joe Prew (Year 10) for excellent work in ICT.
  • Courtney Stanton (Year 11) for achieving 100% in her Maths exam.

The week ending 16th January

  • Adela Bumbac (Year 9) Excellent analytical writing in RE
  • Alice Walmsley (Year 8) Excellent piece of written work in German.

The week ending 9th January

  • Mia Atkinson (7B) Excellent geography assessment.
  • Tyler Maden (10B) outstanding performance in GCSE music.

Bowland High Awards