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Pupil of the Week - 2014

The week ending 19th December

  • Ebony Kerr (Year 11) for great improvement in performance in Geography.
  • Poppy Fielding (Year 11) for passing the test and physical fitness assessment to enable acceptance into British Horse Racing Team.
  • Maddie Capstick (Year 10) for achieving A* in her first Dance GCSE Assessment.

The week ending 12th December

  • Daniel Scott (Year 7) who has worked super hard with his Accelerated reading
  • Daniel Scott (Year 7) who also tried to achieve his targets and has made a splendid effort in MFL.
  • Charles Pilling (Year 7) Excellent two weeks on his tracker.
  • Georgia Wilson & Thomas Dewhurst (Year 7) 100% final assessment in Spanish.
  • Jack Bullock (Year 10) Fantastic week on his tracker.

The week ending 5th December

  • 7B-Alice Conley-Martin for persevering with a very difficult text, which gained 35 Accelerated Reading points and then quizzing with 100%

The week ending 28th November

  • Ayesha Hussain (Year 7) Impressive work in modern languages.
  • Eleanor Chew (Year 8) For great bravery in Bowland's Got Talent.
  • Emma Taylor (Year 10) Full marks in her GCSE P.E. exam.
  • Meg Goring (Year 10) For winning the regional final of the Rotary Young Chef competition.
  • Tulia Emmanuel, Jess Welch, Alice Schofield (Year 10) For devising a very creative Ebola game in PSHE.
  • Chris Archer (Year 10) for exceptional questions during R.E. day panel session.

The week ending 21st November

  • Layla Scott (Year 7) Millionaire Reader
  • William Whittaker (Year 7) Millionaire Reader
  • Isabelle Priory (Year 8) Millionaire Reader
  • Ellie Kenyon (Year 9) outstanding work in GCSE English
  • Sophie Reid (Year 10) outstanding music work
  • Andy Clifford (Year 11) for excellent assistance with younger pupils in the library at lunch time

The week ending 14th November

  • Nathaniel Taylor (Year 7) Huge effort with Accelerated Reading
  • Mia Atkinson (Year 7) Winning entry for Society Christmas Card Competition
  • Lucy Armer (Year 10) making an excellent presentation at CSE Conference
  • Ryan Gibbons (Year 11) Excellent participation in Spanish trip

The week ending 7th November

  • Ben Haslewood (Year 7) Outstanding form captain
  • Georgina Pope (Year 10) Good citizenship
  • Cameron Starkie (Year 11) Great preparation in German GCSE

The week ending 17th October

  • Ellie Anderson-Ingham (Year 11) for dedicated work & effort in Religious Studies.
  • John Broadley, Rory McLeod & Josh Root (Year 9) for phenomenal effort in Accelerated Reading.
  • Chloe Blackburn, Jack Winstanley & Joe Goodman (Year 8) for good citizenship.
  • Xin Lei Guo (Year 7) for fantastic effort in English.
  • James Broomhead (Year 7) for good citizenship.

The week ending 10th October

  • Emily Craine & Hannah Taylor (Year 11) for outstanding effort in Performing Arts.
  • Hannah Taylor (Year 11) for outstanding effort in Media Studies.
  • Michael Smith (Year 11) for achieving 'A' in physics; representing a fantastic improvement.
  • Molly Dakin & Lucy Armer (Year 10) for representing Lancashire in National Young Farmer's Cookery Competition; placed 3rd out of 32 counties.
  • Ben Ellis-Nicholson (Year 10) for greater engagement in school life.
  • Joshua Holloway (Year 10) for outstanding performance in German.
  • Molly Greenwood & Olivia Atkinson (Year 9) for an excellent start to History GCSE.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 10 won 10-0 to reach the 3rd round in the All England Cup.
  • School Council for assemblies & work on election preparation.

The week ending 26th September

  • Nicola McIntosh (Year 7) Amazing effort at Waddow Hall.
  • John Houston (Year 10) Great contribution in maths & overall improvement in his attitude in maths lessons.
  • Ben Dugdale, Kit Lloyd, Ben England & Taylor Wilson (Year 9) have been selected for the Ribble Valley Town Football team.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 8 Netball team for their 26 - 0 vctory.
  • Year 7 for fantastic attitude & effort at Waddow Hall.

The week ending 26th September

  • William Whitaker (Year 7) for participating in a sailing attempt for the 'Guinness Book of World Records'.
  • Britney Skinner (Year 9) for outstanding practical work in GCSE Catering.
  • Ben Ellis-Nicholson (Year 10) for being selected as candidates for the Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment.
  • Sean Grover (Year 10) for being selected as candidates for the Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment.
  • Madison Grimshaw (Year 10) for being selected as candidates for the Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment.
  • Joseph Zebedee (Year 10) for being selected as candidates for the Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment.
  • Anna Fisher (Year 11) for excellent contribution to art workshop; teaching Year 9 & 10 pupils.
  • Jack Harris (Year 11) for exceptional effort in expressive arts.

The week ending 19th September

  • George Miller (Year 7) Excellent speeches for Open Evening.
  • Shaban Hussain (Year 8) Great improvement in overall perfromance.
  • Amy Edmondson (Year 8) Selected for the Lancashire Netball Squad.
  • Maya Govender (Year 11) Excellent speeches for Open Evening.
  • Niall Doherty (Year 11) Excellent speeches for Open Evening.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Football team (Year 10) for winning a match 13-0.
  • Rounders team (Year 11) for playing well.

The week ending 12th September

  • 9B Patrick Enion: Selected for the World Scout Jamboree in Japan.
  • 9W Charlie Paige: Selected for the World Scout Jamboree in Japan.
  • 9B Kit Lloyd: Selected to play for Lancashire Schools' Football.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 9 Set 2 Maths: Every pupil has achieved 100% in every Level 6 booster.

The week ending 18th July

  • Ciara (Year 7) for becoming 30th Millionaire Reader.
  • Beth (Year 7) for becoming 31st Millionaire Reader.
  • Harry (Year 7) for becoming 32nd Millionaire Reader.
  • Rebecca Wood (Year 7) for making an amazingly brilliant polar bear mask in SEEDS.
  • Jess Bowen (Year 9) exceptional diligence during Y9 Enterprise Day.
  • Abigail Stansfield (Year 9) for achieving 100% on very difficult maths test.
  • Millie McLeod (Year 10) for outstanding work experience.

The week ending 11th July

  • Reuben (Year 7) for becoming 5th Multi-Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • Katie Herd (Year 8) for submitting a piece of written work with 1700 words; a tremendous amount of work for a KS3 pupil.
  • Patric Garstang (Year 7) & Oliver Hamer (Year 10) for exceptional performances in the District athletics Competition.
  • Team of the Week:
  • STEM award winning team.
  • Bowland Athletics Team for 4th place in District Competition.
  • BTEC Boys for helping to shear 200 sheep.

The week ending 4th July

  • Joshua Root (Year 8) for outstanding service to the school at Induction evening.
  • Maisie Donald and Keela Cross (Year 8) for being placed first in regional gymnastics competition.
  • Joe Wright (Year 9) for confident, emotive representation of School Council at Governors' meeting.

The week ending 27th June

  • Millie (Year 10) & Rory McLeod (Year 8) for winning All Stars Talent Show.
  • Alice Walmsley (Year 7) for winning school photographic competition.
  • Lauren (Year 7) (& for running 5 laps on Sports day) for becoming our 26th Millionaire Reader.
  • Molly (Year 8) for becoming our 27th Millionaire Reader.

The week ending 20th June

  • Isobel (Year 7) for becoming the 4th multi-millionaire accelerated reader.
  • Lily (Year 7) for becoming 25th Millionaire Reader.
  • Callum Shaw (Year 10) for good citizenship; helping younger pupils.
  • Mark Dewhurst (Year 10) for immense improvement in English.
  • Lucy Cooper and Elle Ofoluwa (Year 8) for excellent work in RE.
  • Kate Bamford (Year 9) for prowess in Society Football competition!

The week ending 13th June

  • Alasdair (Year 7) for becoming 23rd Millionaire reader of 2014.
  • Maisie (Year 7) for becoming 24th Millionaire reader of 2014.
  • Matthew King (Year 8) for exceptional performance in Year 8 cricket match.
  • Joseph Prew (Year 9) for exceptional performance in this week's Year 9 cricket match.

The week ending 6th June

  • Oscar (Year 7) for becoming our 22nd Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • Callum Birtwell-Jones (Year 9) for being selected for the county cricket squad.
  • Oliver Thompson and Georgia Culver (Year 10) for excellent learning in Geography.

The week ending 6th June

  • Oscar (Year 7) for becoming our 22nd Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • Callum Birtwell-Jones (Year 9) for being selected for the county cricket squad.
  • Oliver Thompson and Georgia Culver (Year 10) for excellent learning in Geography.

The week ending 23rd May

  • Faye Chapman and Katie Herd (Year 8) for commitment to MyMaths sessions at lunchtime.
  • Philip (Year 7) for becoming our 3rd multi-millionaire reader of 2013/14.
  • Jess (Year 7) for becoming 20th Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • Benjamin (Year 7) for becoming 21st Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.

The week ending 16th May

  • Hannah Wilkinson, Emma Taylor, Ophelia White (Year 9) for representing Ribble Valley U14 Netball Team, who have become national champions.
  • James and William Pallister, Stefan Cawley (Year 10) for competing with Mr Spencer in the Blackpool 10K Promenade run in hurricane conditions!
  • Emma Clay and Megan Ireland (Year 11) for competing with Mr Spencer in the Blackpool 10K Promenade run in hurricane conditions!
  • Luke Watterson (Year 10) for qualifying as a First Class cadet and achieving a bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The week ending 9th May

  • Bob Enion and Will Fowler (Year 11) for 5 years' commitment to badminton club.
  • Shannon Shoreman (Year 10) for achieving 100% in her mock RE examination.

The week ending 2nd May

  • Chloe Limbert (Year 7) for helping diligently with induction of a new pupil.
  • Ben Lancaster (Year 8) for an amazing reading feat.
  • Sam Peel (Year 11) for the best ever piece of resistant materials coursework!
  • Callum Nicolson, Olivia Atkinson and Joseph Marsden (Year 8) for completing a National Maths Challenge in their own time.

The week ending 25th April

  • Rose for becoming 19th Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • Freddie for becoming 18th Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • Sam (Year 8) for becoming 17th Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • Rebecca (Year 7) for becoming 16th Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • Henry Ollerenshaw (Year 11) for scoring his first goal after 5 years of dedicated participation in the school football team!

The week ending 28th March

  • Kane Taylor (Year 11) for 5 years dedicated contribution to the Performing Arts Department

The week ending 21st March

  • Beth (Year 7) for becoming 15th Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • George Birtwell (Year 11) for gaining an apprenticeship at Northcote Manor.
  • Matthew Chew (Year 11) for exceptional endeavour in English.

The week ending 14th March

  • Eve (Year 7) for becoming our 14th millionaire reader of 2013/14.
  • Jack (Year 8) for becoming our 13th millionaire reader of 2013/14.
  • Emily Craine and Hannah Taylor (Year 10) for outstanding work in expressive arts - gaining an A* for their first piece of coursework and only dropping 2 marks each over the entire project.
  • Melissa Shaw (Year 8) for stepping up to lead a full dance club this week.

The week ending 7th March

  • Olivia Walthaus (Year 11) for outstanding effort and related progress in geography.
  • Isaac Wrathall (Year 10) for being the only pupil to achieve a Grade A in the first ICT GCSE assessment.
  • Adam (Year 8) for becoming a Millionaire Reader of 2013/14.
  • Jack Harris (Year 10) for continued effort and determination with his mock Chemistry exam.

The week ending 28th Febuary

  • Reuben and Millie (Year 7) for becoming 7th and 8th Millionaire Readers of 2013/14.
  • Joe Wright (Year 9) for great enthusiasm on the Berlin Visit.
  • Ben Armer (Year 11) for exceptional effort in English.

The week ending 21st Febuary

  • James Walsh (Year 11) for excellent performance as the entertainment at Bolton-by-Bowland Primary School Talent Show.
  • Sam Hargreaves (Year 7) for his best ever effort in Food technology.
  • Alice Walmsley (Year 7) for achieving 100% in the Year 7 Maths. Test
  • Team of the Week:
  • All the GRAB Final contestants: Fret 64, Millie and Rory McLeod and Beth Ferguson.
  • Year 7 Let's Get Cooking Team and (Year 9) Lucy Simkin for a superb bistro evening.

The week ending 14th Febuary

  • Carmenza Wallis (Year 11) for exceptional performance at Poetry by Heart Competition.
  • Matthew Furbush (Year 9) for selection to represent the county U14 rugby squad.
  • Jess Welch and Alice Schofield for an excellent presentation to the governors on behalf of the Student Council
  • Team of the Week:
  • Intermediate Speaking Team for first place in regional final.
  • Senior team for excellent performance in regional final.
  • U14 Girls' Table Tennis Team for winning RV & H district tournament.

The week ending 7th Febuary

  • Josh and Chloe (Year 7) for becoming 7th and 8th Millionaire Readers of 2013/14.
  • James Walsh (Year 11) Beth Ferguson (Year 10) and Neve Dickinson (Year 9) for performance in Charity concert in their own time.

The week ending 24th January

  • George Birtwell (Year 11) for representing the school in Rotary Regional Chef of the Year.
  • Roman Hickey and Fay Watkins (Year 11) for commitment to their role as sports captains.
  • Jack Crocker (Year 9) for outstanding effort in music.
  • Abbie Barton (Year 10) for outstanding work in RE.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 7 & 8 Swimming team for gaining overall 3rd place in the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley gala.
  • Year 7 - Maisie Donald, Ralph White, Joy Fowler, Ewan Carlton Whittaker, Annabel White, Michael Wood, Ellie Brown, Tom Hill.
  • Year 8 - Olivia Middlehurst, Matthew King, Keela Cross, Henry Gibson, Aimee Bowen, Patrick Enion, Georgia Cooper, Charlie Paige.

The week ending 17th January

  • Bethany Hartley (Year 10) for exceptional progress in GCSE Spanish.
  • Scarlett Clemson (Year 7) for additional, voluntary work in science.

The week ending 10th January

  • Sarah and Isabelle (Year 7) for being 5th and 6th Millionaire Readers of 2013/14.

Bowland High Awards