Pupil of the Week - 2012/13

The week ending 12th July

  • Will Murray (Year 11) for being nominated as Sportsman of the Year (Gary Robins on Award) in Ribble Valley & Hyndburn District (nominated by all 12 schools).
  • Callum Doherty (Year 11) Leaverfor achieving Rotary Young Leaders' Award of the Year.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Bowland Athletics Team came 4th out of 12 in Hyndburn and Ribble Valley District Athletics competition - our best ever position.
  • Dance Dynamix Team for excellent effort on Friday and very entertaining performance.

The week ending 5th July

  • Dominic Beebee (Year 11) for acting as a supreme ambassador for the Bowland Spirit.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Bowland staff for super team effort.
  • Year 10 & Year 11 Debating Team for amazing skill and preparation for Burnley College debating completion.

The week ending 28th June

  • Dominic Beebee and Ellicia Swindells (Year 11) for an outstanding presentation at Book of the Year dinner. (They were amazing compared to pupils from other schools.)
  • Ronan Connolly (Year 10) for being a very positive role model at Sports Day by encouraging younger pupils in his Society.
  • Emma Taylor (Year 9) for consistent high performance in Fusion Food all year and for a massive effort selling recipe calendars for Charity and raising £100.00 for charity.

The week ending 21st June

  • Lucy Parker, Natalie Bailey, & Emily Craine (Year 9) for a very professional and exceptional video on First Aid in PSHE.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 7 Cricket - for getting through to the semi-final in Lancashire Cup.
  • Year 8 Music Fusion Group - for an amazing final performance.

The week ending 14th June

  • Adam Grover (Year 7) First Year 7 Millionaire reader in 24 Months – Unbelievable achievement.
  • Ella Blackburn and Charlotte Norman (Year 10) for nomination for DUX awards.
  • Martha Blinkhorn (Year 9) achieving a gold medal at the Northern Counties' Archery Association's Girls' U16 competition.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Mrs Ingham's German (single subject) group (Year 8) outstanding speaking tests.
  • Year 10 Prefects for excellent behaviour and fantastic adaption during training at Craven College

The week ending 24th May

  • Daryl Benson (Year 11) for having her hair cut off for charity.
  • Gregor McIntosh (Year 7) for very perceptive questioning and exceptional support of another pupil.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 11 BTEC Countryside and Environment Group for an excellent attempt at preparing sheep for an agricultural show.
  • 8 Walker girls for an outstanding effort to raise funds for charity.

The week ending 17th May

  • Hannah Smith (Year 8) for humungous effort with accelerated reading.
  • Phoebe Shaw (Year 9) for showing initiative and commitment at Year 9 Rounders tournament.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 8 Boys' Football team and Year 8 Girls' Rounders Team for excellent performance in tournaments this week.

The week ending 10th May

  • Holly Taylor (Year 7) for a fantastic appearance in the Ribble Valley Dance Show.
  • Joseph Mellin (Year 8) for gaining full marks in a Spanish speaking test.
  • Gabriel Blackett (Year 8) produced an excellent to a piece of reading his class had done relating to the Titanic.
  • Bob Enion (Year 10) for having so much honesty and integrity relating to GCSE Science.
  • Will Robinson, Tyler Maden and Tom Parkinson (Year 8) working excellently in Fusion.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 7 & Year 8 Cricket teams made it to the 3rd round of Lancashire Cup.

The week ending 3rd May

  • Joshua Root (Year 7) for catch of the week at Angling Club
  • Team of the Week:
  • 9 Curnock for raising £86.00 for their chosen charity by selling chocolate and sweets.

The week ending 26th April

  • Jack McIntyre (Year 7) for fantastic progress with his Accelerated Reading programme.
  • Ysabel Carter (Year 10) for 3 grades improvement in GCSE German.
  • Claudia Maybury (Year 11) for gaining a scholarship to Tring Park School for the Performing Arts.
  • Alex Wood (Year 8) for scoring 5 goals in football match this week.

The week ending 19th April

  • Britney Skinner (Year 7) for outstanding effort with Mymaths during Easter break.
  • Oliver Hamer (Year 9) scored 5 goals in Year 9 football team's first victory versus Rhyddings.
  • Dominic Beebee and Will Fowler (Year 10) excellent assistance to Site Supervisors during community lesson.
  • Frances Thresh (Year 11) an excellent maths GCSE result; exceeding target greatly.
  • Jenny Adamson (Year 11) for outstanding performance in her dance and P.E. practical.
  • Max Bowen (Year 11) for receiving offer of two apprenticeships.

The week ending 29th March

  • Rosa ‘Lone Ranger’ Handscomb (Year 9) for admirably representing the rest of the Intermediate Speaking team, who were snowed in and unable to reach Preston!
  • Jenson Shaw and Albert Sanderson (Year 7) extremely helpful sorting out pupils in the snow on Monday.
  • Ryan Grainger (Year 7) Setting a good pace on the Bolton Abbey Walk to ensure we returned in time for the coach!
  • Rosa Handscomb (Year 9) Great job at the Public Speaking competition, all on her own!! Just missed out on winning!
  • Oliver Hamer (Year 9) for selfless support for another pupil on trip.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Mission X Group from Year 8: Ebony Alderson, Emma Taylor, Lucy Armer, George Bristol, Ophelia White, Brianna Culver, Harriet Robinson, Abi Stansfield, Kris Smith, Ethan Bury. Ebony and Emma were the 'voiceover' girls. Thanks to Frank and Susanne for their help. Senior Public Speaking Team: Year 10 - Dominic Beebee, Caitlin Dickinson, Ellicia Swindells for a near miss at the Rotary Youth Speaks Regional Final.
    Parents of the Week:
  • Ali Richards, Carolyn Doherty and Karen and Richard Beebee for battling through snow drifts to deliver their children to the Rotary Youth Speaks Regional Final.

The week ending 22nd March

  • Jack Brooks (Year 11) for achieving A* in German Speaking Test.
  • George Collins (Year 11) for good citizenship.
  • Sarah Hardy (Year 10) for outstanding effort on Art homewok - 100 hours spent on making a quilt.
  • Ellie Kenyon (Year 7) for exceptional performance in German speaking test.
  • Team of the Week:
  • School Show Team.
  • Year 8 Football Team who represented the Ribble Valley in the Lancashire Games at Blackpool on Tuesday - sadly, they lost on penalties.

The week ending 15th March

  • Jack Harris (Year 9) for initiative and personal effort to raise money for Comic Relief in his role as Admin Assistant.
  • Steven Pollard (Year 9) for exceptional social skills.
  • Alex Wood (Year 8) for scoring 7 goals in a football match against Mt Carmel.
  • Harry Excell (Year 7) for scoring 3 goals in a football match against Mt Carmel.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 9 Manufacturing Team for being outstanding representatives of Bowland at the BAE Systems challenge day.

The week ending 8th March

  • Ellie Shackleton (Year 10) (Science), Kristian Chambers (Year 11) (English Literature) , Ellie Morton (Spanish), Gabrielle Scriven and Jack Excell (history) for exceptional performance or progress in January examinations.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Intermediate and Senior public speaking teams for coming first and runners up respectively out of all the Lancashire and Cumbria schools, therefore going through to the Youth Speaks Regional Final (North-west England & North Wales). U16 Girls' for winning Hyndburn & Ribble Valley Table Tennis Tournament. Year 10 Junior Sports Leaders for excellent assistance with KS2 Gymnastics tournament.

The week ending 1st March

  • James Dalby (Year 7) for Huge effort in accelerated reading.
  • Mitchell Whittam (Year 10) for almost A Level standard German work.
  • Taylor Wilson (Year 7) for outstanding progressin Science.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 8 “Lets Get Cooking” group for help with the Year 7 group induction.

The week ending 8th February

  • Lydia Martin (Year 10) for innovative and caring ideas in PSHE.
  • Jess Walsh (Year 10) for gaining an A* on a past paper in History.
  • Sophie Leeming (Year 10) for exceptional reference from her Work experience placement at the Coniston Hotel.
  • Liam Strange and Harry Baxter (Year 9) for voluntary work in RE.
  • Mark Bumbac (Year 8) for excellent work in Science on his Vision for the future.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Craven College Year 10 Group for exemplary behaviour this week.
  • Year 10 Environment Community group for extra endeavour during snowy weather.
  • 8 Walker for 100% return of locker keys.

The week ending 1st February

  • Josh Taylor (Year 8) for outstanding progress in Science.
  • James Howard (Year 8) for outstanding progress in Accelerated Reading.
  • Lydia Dalby and Ella Blackburn (Year 10) for exceptionally good work in Expressive Arts.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 10 and Year 11 Basketball Team for reaching final of H & RV District Tournament.

The week ending 25th January

  • Jenny Wilkinson (Year 11) Professional assistance with reception under extremely difficult circumstances.
  • Tom Wallbank (Year 11) Record Success at Bentham Auction Young Farmers night for Auctioning Sheep.
  • Brant Middleton (Year 9) Exceptional progress in music Claudia Maybury & Ciara Clayton (Year 11) Assistance beyond the call of duty in performing arts.
  • Team of the week:
  • Year 10 Public Speaking team.
  • Year 10 helpers and Chris Smalley (Head Boy) - Helping out on Parents Evening.
  • Year 9 Walker - Fund Raiser Cake sale £70 raised.

The week ending 11th January

  • Cale McKno (Year 10) Outstanding Chemistry assessment.
  • Daniel Holmes and Jordan Monk (Year 8) Exceptional effort in English.

The week ending 14th December

  • Year 9 Autumn Bolton for fantastic work in RE.
  • Ellie Shackleton (Year 10) for achieving 3 grades above her target grade in GCSE German course work. A fantastic piece of work.
  • Isaac Pope and Steven Dewhurst (Year 11) for helping caretakers voluntarily in their lunch time.
  • Claudia Maybury (Year 11) for excellent Navigation Skills - ensuring Mrs Credie's car arrived at the Palace Theatre on time!
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 10 Team H for great enthusiasm for primary Christmas parties.

The week ending 7th December

  • Will Kent (Year 8) for amazing independent research on an abstract artist.
  • Jack Worrall (Year 10) for achieving a grade A in GCSE French Speaking Exam.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Bowland's Got Talent - all performers for giving us a great show!
  • Year 10 Maths Set 3 - highly praised by supply teacher, Mr Mills.

The week ending 30th November

  • Molly Greenwood (Year 7) for achieving A* in GCSE French Speaking Test.
  • Emily Craine and Ellie Anderson Ingham (Year 9) for excellent creative writing piece in English.
  • Millie McLeod (Year 9) for excellent work in R.E.
  • Jessica Walsh (Year 10) for outstanding Maths test results.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Accelerated readers for reaching joint milestone of one million words.
  • Year 8 Football Team for reaching last 64 of All England Cup.

The week ending 23rd November

  • Emma Parker (Year 10) for excellent role model as bus monitor.
  • Ciara Clayton and Claudia Maybury (Year 11) for invaluable assistance with talent show auditions.
  • Joe Nolan and Courtney Stanton (Year 9) Outstanding film composition in Music.
  • Team of the Week:
  • 510 Bus passengers for commendation from driver for exceptional behaviour. Form 9C for an amazing anti-bullying assembly.

The week ending 9th November

  • Emma Thompson (Year 8) for a fantastic game created in "Scratch" for ICT.

The week ending 16th November

  • Joshua Smith (Year 11) for attaining a Grade A in GCSE French Speaking test.
  • Jessica Walsh (Year 10) for improving attendance from 49% to 100%.
  • Ellie Kenyon (Year 7) for reaching her Accelerated Reading Book target four weeks early!
  • Claudia Maybury (Year 11) for a stunning performance in 'Copéllia' last week-end.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 9 & Year 10 Debating Team ? every team member reached semi-final stage of District Competition: Dominic Beebee, Dominic Beebee, Lydia Dalby, Caitlin Dickinson, Joe Duckworth (Year 9), Omar Hussain, Amy Hyde-White, Ellicia Swindells, Mitchell Whittam. Year 10 Pupils who helped with Parents Evening: Sophie Zak, Brogan Atkinson, Emma Parker, Annabel Robinson, Eve Bennett and Jazmine Galloway.

The week ending 9th November

  • Emma Thompson (Year 8) for a fantastic game created in "Scratch" for ICT.

The week ending 19th October

  • Dominic Beebee (Year 10) for a fantastic performance during Enterprise day.
  • Claudia Jackson (Year 8) for a stunning piece of English work on "Witches".
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 10 Football Team won a match at St Augustine's.
  • Year 10 - "Sugar Tie" - winning Apprentice Team.

The week ending 5th October

  • Jenny-Mae Adamson, Sam Atherton, Charlie Forster (Year 11) Good citizenship; taking responsibility seriously.
  • Jarrod Booth , Kristian Chambers ,George Collins, Tom Brown (Year 11) Helping caretakers in their own time.
  • Madyson Allen (Year 11) Great piece of creative writing in English.
  • Max Hesmondhalgh (Year 11) Much improved attendance.

The week ending 28th September

  • Georgina Grayson (7C) For and excellent piece of written work in English.
  • Harvey Lee (8L) For improved performance in work since returning to school this term.
  • Alex Wood (8W) For scoring 4 goals in the All England Football Comp where our team won 7-2.
  • Team of the Week:
  • The Year 11 Mountain Bikers – For initiative and determination in organizing a Charity Bike Ride: Max Bowen, Seb Smith, Jake Stanworth, Ben McGlynn, George Collins, Brandon O'Rourke, Peter Cherry

The week ending 20th July

  • Chris Smalley (Year 11) for preparing and teaching a science lesson on work experience that far exceeded expectation.
  • Judd Hickey (Year 8) for a level of honesty that we would encourage all people to have.
  • Jess Walsh (Year 10) for achieving 100% attendance - a huge improvement!

The week ending 14th September

  • Jack Worral (Year 10) for being the only pupil to assist with litter picking at break. Jess Bowker for exceptional endeavour in R.E. James Wolfenden for really "deep thinking" about 'Of Mice and Men' course work.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 10 Cricket Team for reaching semi-final of District Cricket competition - 1st time in Mr Keefe's time at Bowland.

Bowland High Awards