Pupil of the Week - 2011/12

The week ending 20th July

  • Chris Smalley (Year 11) for preparing and teaching a science lesson on work experience that far exceeded expectation.
  • Judd Hickey (Year 8) for a level of honesty that we would encourage all people to have.
  • Jess Walsh (Year 10) for achieving 100% attendance - a huge improvement!

The week ending 6th July

  • Dominic Beebee (Year 10) for outstanding performance at the Lancashire Book of the Year Award on Saturday 31st June.
  • Claudia Jackson (Year 8) for an excellent Fusion Booklet.
  • William Murray (Year 10) for achieving 4 gold medals at English Schools' swimming competition.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Argentina Host Team, Year 11 Ski group, Year 10 Craven College Group - for their hard work and good team effort on the construction of the seating area on the South Field.

The week ending 6th July

  • Ella Spencer and Emily Crook (Year 9) for taking part and representing the school in the librarians' conference.
  • Charlie Forster (Year 11) for showing great strength of character in adversity.

The week ending 29th June

  • Lucy Simkin (Year 8) for duty beyond expectation.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 10 Debating Team for fantastic performance at District Competition-2nd overall: Hannah Archer, Poppy Belcham, Kris Chambers, Katie Holden, Connor Hyde, Alistair Shackleton, Charlotte Tuley.

The week ending 22nd June

  • Jack Simpson (Year 9) for completing his very best work ever in geography.
  • James Wolfenden (Year 10) for selection as Player of the Year at Accrington Stanley.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 7 Rounders Team for endeavour in adversity!

The week ending 15th June

  • Connor Hyde (Year 10) for exceptional contribution to the Debating Group.
  • Dominic Beebee and Ellicia Swindells (Year 9) for an outstanding performance in the Lancashire Book of the Year Conference.
  • Callum Walmsley (Year 9) exceptional work in history on his WW2 time line.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 7 & Year 8 Dancers for excellent effort in district show.

The week ending 1st June

  • Lydia Martin and Kane Taylor (Year 9) for achieving school record in their science SATS - both achieving Level 8.
  • Chris Smalley (Year 10) for exceptional organizational effort and skills in preparing the memorial service for Daniel.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Maddy Taylor, Abigail Stansfield, Emma Taylor and Evie Henderson (pictured below) (Year 7) for their outstanding Citizenship in the community. At Bowland, we encourage pupils to be good citizens as part of their whole education. Maddy, Abigail, Emma and Evie were a shining example of this when they came to rescue of an elderly lady who had fallen in the street. Not only did they help steady her and offer to walk her home, they also called at her house the next day to check she was all right! Needless to say the lady was very impressed with their behaviour and felt it should be acknowledged at a time when young people receive such bad press!

The week ending 25th May

  • Amber Thompson (Year 11) for her higher project performance this year.
  • Nathan Jackson (Year 8) for being a Good Citizen.
  • Louis Ofaluwa (Year 10) Will Murray (Year 9) James Wolfenden (Year 9) for being selected for the Town Athletics Team in 400m, javelin and long jump and 100m respectively.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 11 Art Group for splendid displays in reception and Garden Block corridors.

For the week ending 18th May

  • Henry Sanderson (Year 10) for outstanding support of another pupil in a lesson.
  • Bethany Hartley, Abigail Cavanagh, Will Pallister, Jake Staziker (Year 8) for a fantastic performance in a Spanish role play.

For the week ending 11th May

  • Ryan Middleton (Year 11) for great maturity in his approach to ICT work.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Coast2Coast cycling team.

For the week ending 4th May

  • Alex Wood (Year 7) for securing a two year contract with Preston North End.
  • Hannah Taylor and Bethany Pickles (Year 8) for producing exceptional photographs during Enterprise day.
  • Martha Blinkhorn (Year 8) for producing a professional quality 'Survival Guide for the Desert'.
  • Oliver Shipston (Year 9) first pupil to place a piece of work on Milo website.

For the week ending 27th April

  • Mark Bumbac (Year 7) working at Level 8 in English, Reading response work.
  • Ashley Dodd (Year 10) for achieving his very best work on his Spanish trip journal.

For the week ending 30th March

  • Evie Henderson and Jess Bowen (Year 7) for exceptional effort with 7W’s Fair Trade stall.
  • Kane Taylor (Year 9) for outstanding performance in “Fiddler on the Roof”.
  • Emily Miller (Year 11) for winning our Dance Competition.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Cast of “Fiddler on the Roof”.
  • Year 11 Football Team for winning District League. Girls’ Gymnastics team - placed 3rd in District Competition.
  • Year 7 Netball Team placed 4th in District competition.

For the week ending 23rd March

  • Anna Fisher (Year 8) for organizing an enterprise to raise money for charity event, Shane Allen for outstanding contribution to Tower Wood visit.
  • Oliver Thompson for Man of Match in Rugby Tournament.
  • Molly Walton & Lily Thomson (Year 9) for excellent presentation of Interact.
  • Dary Benson, Tom Brown, Daniel Grange (Year 10) for excellent contribution to Community Placement.
  • Sam Buchanan and Daniel Mort (Year 11) for 3rd and 4th places respectively in District Badminton singles' tournament.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 7 and Year 9 Football Teams for reaching semi-finals of District Football League

For the week ending 16th March

  • Jessica Smith (Year 10) Best result for Biology GCSE in Year group.
  • Matthew Chew and Lucy Herd (Year 8) for top position in UK in MYLO competition in languages.
  • Bethany Hartley (Year 8) Achieving Level 5 in Languages assessment.
  • Team of the Week:
  • U16 Girls' and Boy's Table Tennis Teams for winners and runners-up respectively in District Table Tennis Tournament: Annabel Davenport, Nyree Seed, Olivia Drage, Shannon Riley, Declan Cox, Harvey Fort, Andrew Baron, Kane Frost (Year 11)

For the week ending 9th March

  • Ebony Alderson (Year 7) 3rd Place in Regional Fair Trade T-Shirt Competition.
  • Rowan Greenhill-Timewell, Arthur Logan, Jordan Booth (Year 11) for a much improved French speaking controlled assessment result.
  • Sophie Ainsworth (Year 8) unbeaten in 6 matches in District table tennis tournament.
  • Ella Blackburn (Year 9) for her fantastic out of school work on funding.
  • Josh Frankland (Year 9) for an incredible turnaround in rugby tournament.

For the week ending 24th February

  • Rani Govender (Year 10) for being an amazing school ambassador on the ski trip.
  • Chloe Greenhalgh (Year 11) for exceptional performance in her English speaking and listening test.

For the week ending 17th February

  • A. Wood (Year 7) won District Cross Country.
  • Nathan Mitchell (Year 10) outstanding composition work in Music.
  • Hannah Hill (Year 9) Exceptional project work in History.
  • Jess Girvan (Year 10) and Joshua Smith for achieving 3 grades above predicted grade in Controlled French Test.
    Team of the Week:
  • Public Speaking Team have progressed to next round. Year 9 Football Team won 15-0 in District play-off, with James Wolfenden scoring 9 goals!

For the week ending 10th February

  • Carmenza Wallis (Year 9) for exceptional citizenship.
  • Ted Handscomb (Year 11) for Best Ever Controlled Assessment Piece witnessed by Mr Fletcher - a drama monologue.
    Team of the Week:
  • Kelsey Gill, Callum Shaw and Claudia Maybury for fantasic effort in GRAB final.

For the week ending 27th January

  • Rani Govender (Year 10) for coaching Public Speaking Team.
  • Charlotte Wood (Year 7) 3rd place in Rotary Young Writers’ competition.
  • Sophie Kellett (Year 7) shortlisted foy Rotary Young Writers’ Competition.
  • Mark Mumbac (Year 7) for producing exceptionally talented work in English.
  • K Gill (Year 11) Claudia Maybury (Year 10) and Callum Shaw (Year 8) for reaching GRAB final.
    Team of the Week:
  • Public Speaking Team comprising Niall Doherty, Rosa Handscomb and Romilly Sherrington, who won the District Rotary Intermediate Team Competition. They also won individual prizes: Best Speaker - Rosa; Best Chairperson - Niall; Best Proposer of Thanks - Romilly

For the week ending Friday 13th January

  • Tom Chew (Year 11) for maximum marks in physics GCSE exam.
    Team of the Week:
  • (Year 9) Football Team.

For the week ending 27th January

  • Ayden Webster (Year 9) For his best piece of English work - an autobiographical piece.
  • Stephen Dewhurst and Albert Lawrenson (Year 10) for valuable assistance at Primary sports event.
  • Charlotte Taylor (Year 7) Ellen Duke (Year 11) Joshua Forth and Alex Wood - selection for District Cross Country Team.
  • Team of the Week:
  • (Year 11) Badminton Club for taking great initiative and responsibility at Badminton Club last week.

For the week ending Friday 16th December

  • Nathan Jackson (Year 8) for excellent presentation to Year 7 in the Library and Autumn Bolton for well-researched and emphatic letter to Nigel Evans.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Choir and Cast of the Christmas Celebration.

For the week ending Friday 9th December

  • Bradley Drinkall (Year 7) for finding and returning a lost Ipod Touch.
  • Louis Ofoluwa (Year 10) Chairman’s award for overall athlete of the season at Hyndburn Athletics’ Club.
  • Team of the Week:
  • All the fantastic entrants in “Bowland’s Got Talent”- Beth Ferguson, Chelsie Smith, Rachel Pinder, Ellicia Swindells, Phoebe Crook, Megan Wood, Charlie Forster, Millie McLeod, Neve Dickinson and Madison Grimshaw, Emily Craine, Georgia Stone, Lily Thompson, Molly Walton, Lucy Parker, Claudia Maybury (3rd), Romilly Sherrington, Callum Shaw, Susanne Garth-Jones, Maya Govender, Meghan King, Lorna Sowerbutts, Phoebe Shaw, Kane Taylor (2nd), Kelsey Gill (Winner).

For the week ending Friday 2nd December

  • Molly Dakin (Year 7) for a detailed, informative, mature leaflet about The Gunpowder Plot, which also demonstrated excellent ICT skills.
  • Tim Elliott (Year 9) for exceptional effort in RE.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Children’s Book of the Year Team who represented the school last week and were amazingly articulate and assertively persuasive in presenting their reviews. The team were all from Year 9; Dominic Beebee, Lydia Martin, Ellicia Swindells and Kane Taylor. Year 9 Netball Team-for “giving it their best shot” in District Netball Tournament.

For the week ending Friday 25th November

  • Amy Hyde-White (Year 8) for representing the school in Regional “Future Chef” competition at Runshaw College.
  • Alex Wood (Year 7) for winning District Year 7 Cross Country and Charlotte Taylor for 8th position.

For the week ending Friday 11th November

  • Josh Frankland (Year 9) Made a very positive contribution in an English speaking and listening task, demonstrating great kindness.
  • Kane Taylor (Year 9) Excellent piece of English Review work.
  • Nicole Welsh and Hannah Binns (Year 10) great improvement with maths test results.
  • Oliver Murray (Year 8) for winning National Triathlon Competition.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 11 Football Team for beating St Augustine’s for the first time in their school career. They lost 9-1 in Year 7 and won 3-2 last week!

For the week ending Friday 4th November

  • Connor Byrne (Year 11) for winning National Climbing Competition.
  • Charlotte Taylor (Year 7) for winning National Booked Up competition.

For the week ending Friday 21st October

  • Joe Grogan (Year 11) for effort and improvement.
  • Ben Shackleton (Year 11) for creating a sensational dessert in GCSE Catering.
  • Teams of the Week:
  • Team Identity and Team Aspire for winning Year 10 Enterprise Day.

For the week ending Friday 14th October

  • Chris Smalley (Year 10) for outstanding service to the school as a guide for candidates during a recent interview.
  • George Birtwell and Rachel Pinder (Year 9) only two pupils from 9C who were prepared to present an assembly. An extra special well done to them!

For the week ending Friday 7th October

  • Lisa Blackwell (Year 9) for representing the school in an excellent fashion.
  • Lydia Martin (Year 9) for a fantastic piece of ICT work.
  • Natalie Scott (Year 11) outstanding execution of prefect duties.
  • Molly Walton (Year 9) representing school at Rotary Meeting.
  • Librarian of the month for October is Daniel Bolton in Year 10.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 9 Rugby Team - winners of Lancashire Rugby Tournament for 3rd successive year.

For the week ending Friday 30th September

  • Alex Wood (Year 7) for scoring four goals in Year 7’s first match of the season.
  • Jack Worrall (Year 9) for chivalrous behaviour; letting Jess Have his wheelchair to get home when the lift malfunctioned.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 11 GCSE Expressive Arts group for fabulous coursework from every single pupil!

For the week ending Friday 23rd September

  • Molly England (Year 8) completing an exceptional piece of work in Fusion.
  • Lydia Dalby, Caitlin Dickinson and Olivia Walthaus (Year 9) for presenting assembly to Year 9 pupils.
  • Year 7 outstanding initiative on Year 7 SEEDS trip.

For the week ending Friday 16th September

  • Amy Caunce (Year 8) for outstanding cake, taking first prize in Hodder Valley Show.
  • Thomas Wilson and Kelsey Rutherford (Year 7) for winning Fell Race in Hodder Valley Show.
  • Claudia Jackson (Year 7) for exceptional RE homework.

For the week ending Friday 9th September

  • Chris smalley (Year 10) for exceptional effort in resolving bus problems for other pupils.
  • Annabel Davenport (Year11) for her help with the Year 7 arrivals.

Bowland High Awards