Pupil of the Week - 2010/11

For the week ending Friday 22th July

  • Ethan Tattersall (Year 8) for extreme effort in Dance.
  • James Walsh (Year 8) for outstanding qualities as project leader during Year 8 Enterprise Day.

For the week ending Friday 15th July

  • Sam Atherton and Chris Smalley (Year 9) for exceptional help with Year 6 Induction Lesson in Science.
  • Joshua Broadhurst (Year 8) First pupil to reach one million words in the Accelerated Reading Programme.
  • Jake Houghton (Year 10) outstanding feedback from St James’ Primary school on his work experience placement.
  • Georgia Culver and Nathan Jackson (Year 7) for helping to raise £87.00 for their form charity by selling ice cream.

For the week ending Friday 8th July

  • Louis Ofaluwa (Year 9) for selection for NW Schools in 200m and 100m relay.
  • Will Murray, Josh Frankland (Year 8) Oliver Murray (Year 7) for winning two events in the District Athletics competition.

For the week ending Friday 24th June

  • Tamara Rosic (Year 8) Excellent piece of course work in Fusion.
  • Caitlin Taylor (Year 9) James Wolfenden (Year 8) and Jack Wood (Year 10) for excellent contribution to Challenge Day.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Accelerated Readers who have read over 6million words since starting on the scheme! Year 10 Rounders Team for second place in District Tournament.

For the week ending Friday 17th June

  • Year 10 Society Officials for great job in organizing the Swimming Gala: Katrina Fell, Olivia Drage, Joanne Oldfield, Elise Ling, Emily Hill, Lauren Chamley, Natalie Scott, Annabelle Davenport, Jordan Booth, Charlotte, Kelsey Gill, Emma Capstick

For the week ending Friday 10th June

  • Year 7 Autumn Bolton for Brilliant Shakespeare Review.
  • Sam Buchanan (Year 10) for vast improvement in German writing skills.
  • Jordan Booth (Year 10) for an incredibly conscientious approach to revision for the history and English literature GCSE exams.

For the week ending Friday 27th April

  • Connor Byrne (Year 10) for being placed 1st in GB, in his age group, at European IFSC Climbing competition.
  • Claudia Maybury (Year 9) for being offered one of only 25 places at Hammond Dance School in Chester.

For the week ending Friday 13th April

  • Will Murray (Year 8) for fantastic performance in U14 National Biathlon Competition, where he came first in the swimming event and second in the running, which gave him overall 2nd place.
  • U16 Basketball Team for getting through to the District Final. The team comprises of: Sam Richardson and Jake Lloyd from Year 11 and Danny Mort, Harvey Fort, Will Nolan, Sam Postlethwaite and Tom Hill from Year 10.

For the week ending Friday 6th April

  • Zoe Edwardson (Year 11) for gaining place at N&C College.
  • Jennifer Wilkinson (Year 9) for exceptional piece of history coursework on Trench warfare.

For the week ending Friday 1st April

  • Year 8 Fusion Group members for an excellent contribution to building a Lancashire Village: Will Sames, Jonathan Douglas, Matthew Chew, Ted Credie, Henry Swales, Josh Atkinson, Sam Peel, John Taylor, Joe Wild.
  • Year 7 Dance Team for an excellent performance in the District Competition: Maya Govander, Sophie Ainsworth, Emily Craine, Phoebe Shaw, Lorna Sowerbutts, Courtney Stanton, Millie McLeod, Suzanne Garth Jones, Meghan King.
  • Year 10 Football Team for winning the Lower League: Oliver James (capt), Levi Nicholson, Sam Buchanan, Jack wetton, Jack wood, Tom Hill, Harry Horne, Harvey Fort, Will Nolan, Jack Peill, Callum Smalley, Danny Mort, Ben Shackleton, Jack Dewhurst.

For the week ending Friday 18th March

  • Whole Cast of “We will Rock You” - nominated as team of week.
  • Year 7 Gymnastics Team for gaining 3rd place in Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Gymnastics competition.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Oliver Thompson, Millie Smalley, Ella Lingard, Grace McMeekin, SuzanneGarth-Jones.
  • Year 10 Technology Team, who won the Rotary District Competition - Stephen Hardy, Josh Hill, Ryan Middleton, Sam Mitton.
  • Year 11 Bronte Tattersall - Outstanding effort to reach personal targets.
  • Rotary Technology Competition - Congratulations to all pupils who took part in this last week, the KS4 team won the competition! Thanks to Vincent for organizing this and achieving such success.

For the week ending Friday 11th March

  • Bethan Smith and Jenna McFarlane (Year 11) for initiative and showing great kindness and consideration to other pupils.
  • Hannah Cunliffe-Lee (Year 10) Commended on Community Placement as outstanding representative of the school.
  • Josh Hill (Year 10) Commended on College placement for excellent effort and performance in Horticulture.

For the week ending Friday 11th February

  • Jack Worrall (Year 8) (from Mr Fletcher) for his strong performance in performing arts with Alice Green.
  • Callum Smalley (Year 10) for his performance in his written tests showing a 2 grade increase.
  • Abbi Blenkinship and Ellie Moreton (Year 9), Lauren Hall, Hannah Whitaker and Ellie Wilkinson (Year 11) and Emily Crane (Year 7) for excellent participation in GRAB event.

For the week ending Friday 4th February

  • Steven Roberts (Year 11) for exceptional concern and diligence on 686 bus.
  • Hayley Heaton, Emma Hutton, Bethan Smith and Clare Sutton for persistence in badminton which enabled them to reach the county final in the National Center Parcs Badminton Competition.

For the week ending Friday 28th January

  • Year 8 Rugby Team for winning State Schools' Tournament-Joshua Frankland, Paul Holmes, James wolfenden, Will Murray, Dominic Beebee, Jake Sanderson, Charlie Cooper, Ben Armer, Charlie Lloyd, Henry Hamlet, Will Sames, Sam Hill, Ayden Webster, Will Spedding, James Walsh, James Anders, Josh Atkinson, Jonathan Mort.
  • Ted Handscomb (Year 10) for achieving A* in end of year History test and thus showing enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Dominic Beebee (Year 8) for being an outstanding ambassador for reading. Senior Public Speaking Team for winning local heat of County Competition.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 10 - Rowan Greenhill Timewell, Ted Handscomb and Lauren Chamley. Rowan won Best Overall Speaker and Lauren won Best Overall Proposer of thanks.
  • Intermediate Public Speaking Team narrowly lost their heat but still made a fantastic effort. Team: Rosa Handscomb, Rani Govender and Emily Ingham plus reserve, Niall Doherty. Rosa won Best Overall Proposer of thanks.

For the week ending Friday 21st January

  • Charlotte Barber (Year 7) Success in Rotary Writing Competition.
  • Jack Wolfenden (Year 8) Outstanding performance in District Football Squad.
  • Autumn Bolton (Year 7) for outstanding English work.
  • Oliver Shipston (Year 8) for a fantastic poster in Music.

For the week ending Friday 14th January

  • Courtney Stanton (7L) for amazing performance in the German play at The Grand.

For the week ending Friday 7th January

  • William Towler (Year 8) for all round excellent effort the first week back

For the week ending Friday 10th December

  • Bowland U16 Girls’ Badminton Team for retaining inter schools trophy - Clare Sutton, Bethan Smith, Hayley Heaton and Emma Hutton (Year 11).
  • Kane Taylor - 8B for an outstanding Tudor project.
  • Oliver James & Harry Shaw (Year 11) for showing great maturity and sense with pupil accident this week.
  • Maisie Dugdale (Year 11) outstanding work in her Mock English exam.
  • Ellen Parkinson (Year 10) Outstanding performance in extremely challenging Maths test.

For the week ending Friday 3rd December

  • Rebecca Alpe (Year 11) for unquestioning assistance on Reception on Thursday, reflecting the true Bowland Spirit as well as great initiative!
  • The newly formed “Let’s get cooking” club for their enthusiasm and teamwork in baking and beautifully packaging their very first product, “Christmas cranberry cookies”
  • Nicole Welch, Daniel Grange, Hazel Stansfield, Rani Govender, Annabelle Parsons, Abi Norman, Thomas Brown, Katie Holden, Hannah Binns, Naeema Saleh. Jacob Ferguson (Year 9) really good effort in ICT.
  • Beth Hartley (Year 7) Outstanding effort and total commitment to her work in Maths.
  • Witton Park Horticulture Group (Year 10) highly complimented by College tutor.
  • GRAB winners:
  • (1st) Abbi Blenkinship and Gabrielle Morton (piano and song)
  • (2nd) Lauren Hall (musical theatre performance)
  • (3rd) Kane Taylor (dance and song)
  • (4th) Ellie Wilkinson (song)

For the week ending Friday 19th November

  • Susanne Garth-Jones (Year 7) for excellent homework explaining the making of a mask in Art.
  • Chris Thompson (Year 11) for outstanding work.
  • Stephanie Johnson, Erica Sowerbutts, Paige Mercer and Emily Watson (Year 10) for great assistance at Parents’ Evening.

For the week ending Friday 12th November

  • Lily Thompson (Year 8) for an outstanding History project about the Tudors.
  • Toby Bolton (Year 11) 3rd in District Cross-country out of 90 competitors.
  • Cale McKno (Year 8) Excellent drum lesson this week.
  • Emily Nash (Year 9) outstanding FCSE German work.
  • Year 9 English Group - all six pupils performed very well in their Reading Assessment.
  • Kim Kendall, Aimee Smith, Lucy Garth-Jones, Natasha Simpson (Year 10) Excellent work in ICT

For the week ending Friday 5th November

  • Tom Parker for exceptional endeavour and success in pursuing an apprenticeship.
  • Charlotte Picot for outstanding preparation for her college interview; producing a glowing CV.
  • 9W for Fund Raising.
  • Joe Brogan and Jack Haslam for vast improvement in their behaviour around school!
  • Steven Roberts (Year 11) for overcoming his fear of heights to walk along Striding Edge on the GCSE PE field week-end.
  • Nicole Stanworth - 7B for excellent work in RE.
  • Claudia Maybury for excellent work in German.

For the week ending Friday 29th October

  • Jack Alderson 9B - For working really hard in ICT last half term and producing a great animation.
  • Claudia Maybury - 9B - Fantastic work in German.
  • Logan Ditchfield - 10C - Greatly improved effort in Science.
  • Set 3 Maths (Year 11) for exception endeavour over last few weeks.

For the week ending Friday 15th October

  • Lucy Craine (Year 11) for an enlightening presentation of her work experience.
  • Jordan Booth (Year 10) being a credit to himself, school and family on the Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment.
  • Megan Griffin, Humaira Patel, Shannon Gleave and Jenny Wilkinson (Year 10) for preparing and teaching an excellent science lesson.
  • Lauren Hall, Olivia Armer, Katie Fenton, Hannah Cunliffe-Lee, Henry Crabtree, James Walsh, Kane Taylor - for outstanding effort and preparation for the School Show auditions.
  • Dan Lynagh for excellent DJ skills and time given freely to the Lower School Ghoul Disco.

For the week ending Friday 8th October

  • Ben Armer (Year 8) selection to represent Yorkshire in Rugby Union.
  • George Collins and Peter Cherry (Year 9) witnessed a road traffic accident. They both acted with maturity in reporting the incident to the police at the scene.

For the week ending 24th September

  • Kelsey Gill, Hannah Cunliffe and Joanne Oldfield (Year 10) Nominated for voluntary Litter Clearing of school field.
  • George Bicknell (Year 9) Excellent piece of writing in English.
  • Rebecca Alpe - Undertaking Prefect Duties in an exceptional manner.

For the week ending Friday 17th September

  • Tom Chew (Year 10) (From Last week) for excellent English presentation.
  • Lucy Roach, Annishka Atkinson, Hannah Outhwaite Bentley (Year 11) for outstanding assistance at Hodder Valley Show.
  • James Wolfenden (Year 9) Selection for District Football Team.
  • Lydia Hoggat (Year 9) Selection for Lancashire Academy Netball Team.
  • Amber Thompson and Shannon Riley (Year 10) Dedicated and efficient assistance with Accelerated reading Scheme.
  • Rebecca Alpe (Year 11) Exemplary Prefect assistance. Hayley Heaton and Annishka Atkinson Year 11 for thoughtful citizenship.
  • Year 10 Horticulture Group Excellent first week at college.

For the week ending Friday 10th September

  • Ben Armer (Year 8) for great citizenship - helping a new pupil on his first day.
  • Tom Chew for a fantastic speaking and listening presentation on Valentino Rossi.

Bowland High Awards