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Pupil of the Week - 2009

For the week ending Friday 27th November

  • Tom Chew has been nominated by Moira Cassin for his commitment to running on Friday lunchtimes. Tom turns up without fail and always gives his all.
  • Will James nominated by Anthony Keefe for receiving a professional contract with Blackburn Rovers.
  • Tom Wood and Rob Warner nominated by Kim Croydon for their active involvement in the Onatti German play yesterday.
  • Steven Roberts has been commended by our coach for performing exceptionally in his boxing lessons, in addition to his ability to successfully coach other pupils.

For the week ending Friday 20th November

  • Luke Tasker - nominated by A Keefe for receiving Lancashire Sports Award of ‘Rising Star’ for his success and endeavour in the national modern pentathlon squad.
  • Zoe Clayton and Hannah Robinson - nominated by Mr Cox for excellence in adversity. They both managed their bus superbly whilst it remained stranded in Wednesday’s floods, with Zoe keeping in constant contact with school to provide names and updates.
  • Emily Hill - nominated by Miss Tarpey for her initiative and ‘pester power’. She has contacted a famous Italian shoe designer.
  • Mando Blahnik, and persuaded him to evaluate some of the fantastic shoe designs that she is “constantly” drawing.
  • Chloe smith - nominated by Mrs Frankland for preparing and delivering an English lesson without any teacher assistance.
  • Laura Roberts - nominated by Mrs Wasdell for turning up to help at Presentation evening despite having a badly sprained ankle.

For the week ending Friday 13th November

  • Matthew Clarkson and Stephen Hardy nominated by Mrs Ingham for receiving a Distinction in French Speaking Tests with 30/30.
  • Jonathan Mort nominated by Miss Wilkinson for excellent effort on Calendar Sales and remaining after school at Parents’ Evening.
  • Megan Spellman Ross nominated by Mr Fletcher for her continued hard work in all areas of English course.
  • Jack Adamson nominated by Ms Taylor for Excellent effort for PE Department on repairing badminton racquets.
  • Jenny Mae Adamson nominated by Mrs Dakin for her help and assistance during Year 11 Parents’ evening.

For the week ending Friday 6th November

  • Sam Postlethwaite nominated by Mr Croydon and Mrs Ingham for excellent work in French.
  • Elizabeth Parsons nominated by Mrs Ingham for raising money for Ethiopia. Emily Addison nominated by Mr Tarbox for receiving 100% in her "Native American" history project, an outstanding effort. Hannah Machin and Claudia Maybury nominated by Miss Yates for performing at the charity fashion show. Both pupils helped out at this event at very short notice, and the show organisers commented that they were a credit to the school. Well done girls.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Winners of the Ribble Valley Table Tennis Tournament (Steven Dewhurst, Issac Pope, Jack Brooks, Declan Young)

For the week ending Friday 16th October

  • Ysabel Carter 7DG. For outstanding performance in British Judo Competition.

For the week ending Friday 9th October

  • Natalie Scott & Joanne Oldfield. Both girls have been nominated by Mr Fletcher, for showing determination and great enthusiasm during auditions for "Grease". Two true stars in the making. Well done girls.

For the week ending - Friday 2nd October

  • Bowland Fell Runners; James Kidd, Rob Walker, Rob Warner, Toby Bolton and Tom Connell. They competed against other schools from all over the UK, and were place 5th in the Country.
  • Beth Spellman Ross and James Walsh both in Year 7 were praised for their excellent contribution to the Headteacher's speech during Open Evening.

For the week ending - Friday 25th September

  • Robyn Eland – 11VF. Nominated by Mrs Roberts for outstanding effort in English.

For the week ending - Friday 18th September

  • Zoe Clayton – 11DB. For exemplary citizenship with Year 7.
  • Team of the Week:
  • Year 7 Football team. For 10-0 win in their first Bowland Match!

For the week ending - Friday 11th September

  • Chloe Smith 11RB. Chloe provided fantastic assistance with bus problems last week.

For the week ending - Friday 2nd September

  • The pupils who were selected for interview during the Ofsted inspection truly deserve “pupil’s of the week”. They are; Megan Hirst (9AW) Calum Harris (9AW) Lauren Hall (9MO) Hannah Outhwaite Bentley (9AW) Thomas Banford (10RB) Tom Elliot (10DB) Heather Marrow (10DB) Jack Bowtell (10RB) Charlotte Connolly (10VF)

For the week ending - Friday 5th June

  • 5 pupils from 9JB nominated by Miss Buckley for raising over £200 by organising a charity bike ride: Tom Connell, Jonathan Parker, James Harrison, Oliver James, Penny Hargreaves.
  • Toby Greenwood 10AK. Toby is nominated by Mr Machin for receiving an excellent work placement report.
  • Abi McCabe 11FB. Abi is nominated by Mrs Garth –Jones for the time and effort she puts in to support U10 Ribble Valley Netball team, her dedication and commitment is commendable.

For the week ending - Friday 8th May

  • Robert Graveston - 9AW. Robert has been nominated by Mrs O’Doherty for receiving an excellent result in his recent Year 9 Maths test, full marks in the mental exam and 95% in his non calculator paper. Fantastic achievement Robert, well done.
  • Fern Farndale-Brown - 8NJ. Fern has been nominated by Miss Jones for producing an outstanding piece of work in history about the Great Fire of London and the Great plague, well done Fern.

For the week ending - Friday 1st May

  • Jonathan Whitehead – 10AK. Nominated by Mr Keefe, Jonathan took part in the Lancashire Cup Cricket match on Thursday evening and achieved 54 not out, contributing to a successful first ever win against Clitheroe Royal Grammar School. Well done to Jonathan and the entire team for a sterling performance.
  • Beth Pearson – 11AIC. Beth was nominated by Miss Yates for receiving an outstanding Performing Arts examination result – well done Beth.
  • Miss Yates also nominated Luke Wareing 11FB for demonstrating an increased self confidence during his practical performance - keep up the good work Luke.

For the week ending - Friday 15th April

  • Claudia Maybury, 7KC has been nominated by Mr Croydon after a successful audition for The Northern Ballet Theatre – congratulations Claudia. Will James 10VF has been nominated by Mr Keefe after being selected to play for Blackburn Rovers in Washington, USA, in addition he then flew back home only to be sent to Switzerland to play for the Welsh team, and was elected Captain for the U16 team. This is a fantastic achievement, well done Will.
  • Eleanor Chambers 9MO has successfully trialled for the Lancashire U16 Cricket Team, and has been awarded a place in the County team.

For the week ending - Friday 27th March

  • Nominated by both Miss Yates and Miss Kellow, Jessica Hurley (top) and Lucy Raynor our two leading ladies who gave a phenomenal performance in this weeks "Guy’s and Doll’s", their final School show. Well done girls.
  • Jodi Hobbins has been nominated by Mrs Wasdell for baking “the best Victoria sandwich cake she has tasted in years”, and Jodi has also received a second nomination from Mr Machin having received a distinction grade in her current course at Myerscough. Well done Jodi. Daniel McCaffrey has been nominated by Mr Fletcher for producing an exceptional piece of speaking and listening coursework.

For the week ending - Friday 20th March

  • Eleanor Kay and Catherine Graveston have been nominated by Mrs Dakin for their commitment and hospitality at the recent Year 9 parents evening.

For the week ending - Friday 13th March

  • Robyn Brown and Josh Denson 11FB have been nominated by Mr Machin after receiving 100% in their City and Guilds Agriculture course at Myerscough College, resulting in a Distinction. This is a fantastic achievement for the both pupils.

For the week ending - Friday 6th March

  • Megan Hirst – nominated by Mrs Donald for receiving “very special runner up” award and £50 voucher in the Oxford University Press annual awards for Volunteer Librarian of the Year.
  • Zoe Clayton – nominated by Mrs Britcliffe for taking a lead role in organising the Multi Skills Festival with local Primary schools.

For the week ending - Friday 27th February

  • Awarded to Year 8, Set 1 English group. The group took part in a “Question Time” session with guest of honour Mrs Helen Denton, Director of Children and Young People’s Services. Pupils asked Mrs Denton a variety of interesting questions provoking a lively discussion. Our picture shows Mrs Denton with our Year 8 pupils.

For the week ending - Friday 13th February

  • Nathan Mitchell (Year 7) nominated by Miss Kellow for an outstanding performance in "open mic".
  • Anna Jean Paton (Year 9) nominated by Mrs Hill for achieving top marks in her recent maths test, and trying really hard.
  • Andrew Tait (Year 9) nominated by Mrs O'Doherty for achieving 96% on his recent maths test.
  • Year 7 & Year 8 Orienteering Team. Well done to the Orienteering team who came third in the District competition this week.

For the week ending - Friday 6th February

  • Clare Sutton & Bethan Smith 9RO. Clare and Bethan have been nominated by Mr Keefe for their outstanding performance in U14 District badminton tournament. Clare received the U14's Singles Badminton crown and also together with Bethan Smith 9RO took the U14's Girls Doubles Badminton. This is a fantastic achievement for the Year 9 Girl's.
  • Elle Pearson - 8KR. Elle has been nominated by Mr Croydon for achieving an exceptional Level 7 in her recent French exam. This is an incredible achievement and normally this level would not be achieved until the end of Year 9. This achievement demonstrates Elle's passion and commitment to learning languages. Well done Elle.

For the week ending - Friday 30th January

  • Congratulations to George Nolan, Conor Lowes, Robin Kennerley have been nominated by Miss Taylor for their outstanding performance in the badminton tournament.
  • Andy Oldfield has been nominated by Mr Machin for consistently demonstrating excellent commitment to his vocational learning. Well done to all pupils.

For the week ending - Friday 23rd January

  • Well done and congratulations to our Year 10 Science pupils for a fantastic set of results in their Science GCSE examinations taken in November. A special mention to Adam Johnson and Rob Walker who achieved maximum marks of 50 out of 50 in their GCSE Physics and GCSE Chemistry exams, and as a result they have been nominated as pupils of the week by Mr Breen, Curriculum Leader Science. Congratulations, all your hard work has certainly paid off, keep it up!

For the week ending - Friday 16th January

  • Billie Joe Jackson. Billie Joe has worked with dedication and enthusiasm towards her work throughout the year. She has created some very competent art works which have challenged her thinking and creative skills. Tenacious in her approach and a perfectionist when it comes to making her work a success. I believe that Billie Joe is deserving of recognition for the super start she has made to her GCSE Art course.

For the week ending - Friday 9th January

  • Jennifer Leach has been nominated for the award this week. Jennifer was asked to comment on a cartoon image taken from the Economist magazine in October 2008. Jennifer produced a thought provoking piece of work worthy of her nomination.
  • Simon Heptonstall - 10DB has been nominated by Mrs Ingham after achieving 20 out of 20, an A* grade for a controlled piece of coursework entitled "I've won!" This is a fantastic achievement for Simon. Well done.

Bowland High Awards