Citizenship and PSE

Personal & Social Education

Throughout the school we aim to develop pupils’ individual skills as a foundation for personal, family, social and community awareness.

In the upper school, pupils are given the opportunity to put many of their skills into practice, both in and outside the classroom.

This two year course encourages pupils to take on certain challenges: in industry through work experience; socially by developing skills to cope with a wide variety of situations they will meet in their lives; personally through sport and leisure and a community challenge involving working with our local community with the disabled, the elderly and the under fives.

Sex Education

Bowland is a family community and sex education is taught as part of the personal and social education course. Year and form tutors give guidance to help pupils through their physical and emotional changes. Experienced staff sensitively deliver this programme. The school nurse shares in the delivery of the programme, particularly with our younger children. The detailed policy has been drawn up in conjunction with our partner schools. Parents can withdraw their children from all, or part of, the sex education course, except the part that is a statutory requirement for the Science National Curriculum.

Bowland High Awards