Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up 2013 - 2014

Literacy and Numeracy catch-up funding

How we used the Catch-up premium in 2013-14

In 2013/14 we had 16 pupils who benefitted from the catch-up premium, resulting in £8000 of additional funding.

Allocation of pupil premium funding Provision Cost Impact
Lexia (14/15 literacy catch up pupils involved)
Programme used during form period to provide intervention support in areas of literacy identified as requiring improvement
£1500 towards the cost of the licence All 14 pupils followed programmes as part of the Lexia package. 10 pupils saw an increase in their word recognition, 11 in their vocabulary knowledge, 9 in their syntactic knowledge and 11 in their reading comprehension. All pupils showed an improvement in at least two of these areas. 10 pupils met their target English levels for the year.
Accelerated reader (14/15 literacy catch up pupils involved)
Programme used to develop comprehension during reading and to improve pupils reading ages
£2000 All 14 pupils were involved in the accelerated reader programme. Weekly tracking and testing has shown all 13 make improvements in their reading ages. 11 out of 13 have improved their speed in reading and comprehension. 9 have increased their book level throughout the year and improvements in reading age range from 2m to 2yrs
Delivery of English progress units
These units have been delivered by the librarian during form periods in order to support pupils with increasing their levels in English
£500 6 pupils involved in these intervention sessions throughout the year. Of these 6, 5 achieved level 4 at the end of the year
Small group support in Maths
Pupils taught in a small group with additional TA support
£1000 contribution towards support 10 pupils have benefitted from support in Maths within a small group situation. This means personalised support and resources. 8 of these pupils made good progress and were level 4 by the end of the year
1:1 tuition/small group support in Maths £1000 3 pupils benefitted from 1:1 maths support. Of these 3 pupils, 2 met their targets and one fell just short. These pupils are also SEND