The best learning takes place in a self-disciplined, structured organisation, where everyone feels safe, involved and where the whole school functions in an environment based upon respect.

All the rules in the school are based upon this mutual respect and every room in the school has these rules clearly set out. I will:

  • "Come to every lesson prepared with the correct equipment in the correct uniform"
  • "Enter and exit each working area in an orderly fashion"
  • "Raise my hand to answer questions"
  • "Work hard to contribute to every lesson"
  • "Allow others to work without disruption"
  • "Follow instructions given by staff"

Rewards and Sanctions

Everything is geared to the reward system the school operates. Good work and behaviour is rewarded by the award of merits in the lower school and credits in the upper school. There is a competition between the different school Societies for merits. More tangible rewards are available for pupils who do particularly well. A pupil, whose behaviour is considered to be inappropriate, would have privileges withdrawn, e.g., attendance on a school trip or the withdrawal of his/her locker.

The major sanctions are detentions and in extreme circumstances, either internal or external exclusion. Often we find that just communicating with parents/guardians is enough deterrent. The school operates a red and yellow card system for the recording of misdemeanours.


Bullying is not an issue at Bowland and any reported incidents are dealt with sympathetically and swiftly. Bowland has a zero tolerance of bullying and in our experience most isolated incidents can be dealt with quickly and effectively. The family atmosphere encourages pupils to approach staff with confidence that the situation can be resolved.

Mobile Phones

The rural nature of the school and the distance pupils sometimes have to travel, means that phones can be brought into school, BUT, they must be switched off at all times, are for emergency use only with the permission of a member of staff and are the responsibility of the pupils. This privilege is withdrawn if the rules are broken.

The onus upon keeping to the school rules is on the pupils themselves, but regular checks are made on uniform, attendance, school diaries and jewellery.

Grievance and Complaints Procedure

Parents are welcome to contact school at any time. In the unlikely event of a complaint, the following procedure should be used: Initially contact the headteacher to resolve the difficulty. If you are still unhappy, the second stage is to write to the Chair of Governors. Should you still be unhappy, the third stage is to contact the Education Authority

Documents Available for Inspection

There are a number of documents in school, which parents have a legal right to inspect. Should parents wish to read these documents, they should contact school to arrange an appointment giving at least two weeks notice. Copies of certain documents can be produced for you, but there may be a small charge to cover administration costs, others can be purchased from HMSO as they have copyright.

List of documents available:

  • Aims and School Development Plan
  • Admissions
  • Antibullying
  • Charging
  • Child Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • Staff Development Policy
  • SEN
  • Spiritual, Moral and Social
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Visits out of school
  • Behaviour and Discipline
  • Code of Behaviour

Bowland High Awards