• Ciara (Year 7) for becoming 30th Millionaire Reader.
  • Beth (Year 7) for becoming 31st Millionaire Reader.
  • Harry (Year 7) for becoming 32nd Millionaire Reader.
  • Rebecca Wood (Year 7) for making an amazingly brilliant polar bear mask in SEEDS.
  • Jess Bowen (Year 9) exceptional diligence during Y9 Enterprise Day.
  • Abigail Stansfield (Year 9) for achieving 100% on very difficult maths test.
  • Millie McLeod (Year 10) for outstanding work experience.

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Summer 2014 Newsletter

Packed with information and events that have taken place both in and out of school.
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Start of Term Letter

I would like to give you some important information about the start of next term.
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Helen is our 1st Tri-Millionaire!

Helen has become our 1st Tri-Millionaire Reader. A quite remarkable achievement! Congratulations to Helen!

Inter-Society Fishing Match

The school's Inter-Society fishing match was held on Sunday 13th July and was sponsored by 'Angler's Mail' who have kindly donated prizes for the event

Barmy Britain!

The whole of year 7 enjoyed a wonderful opportunity to see the 'Barmy Britain' Horrible Histories theatre show on Friday 20th June 2014 at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford.

Harry is the 32nd Millionaire

Many congratulations to Harry who becomes our 32nd Millionaire. An outstanding achievement!

Beth is the 31st Millionaire

Many congratulations to Beth who becomes our 31st Millionaire. An outstanding achievement!

Ciara is the 30th Millionaire

Many congratulations to Ciara who becomes our 30th Millionaire. An outstanding achievement!

Year 8 Triumph

A fantastic performance in the STEM Disaster Relief Challenge led to success for Bowland's Year 8 team.

New Building Visit

Bowland High's Head Boy and Head Girl joined the SBM and Headteacher for their first visit to the top floor of the new building on Wednesday 2nd July.

Lost Property

Reception staff log and store any lost property that is handed to them. Pupils are notified to collect these items via the internal messaging system on a weekly basis.

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